Monday, September 30, 2013

Letters, We Get Letters

My inbox runneth over with emails from both Democrats and Republicans asking me for money to further their cause. “Deep Throat” once implored Bob Woodward to “follow the money,” and following the money has always proven to be the correct path to finding out the truth. And the truth is that while Democrats are asking $3 to help them fight the GOP with their repeated attempts to deny 30 million Americans affordable healthcare coverage, the Republicans are asking for $12.
Yes, everyone is fundraising about the government shut down, but the GOP is looking to make some significant lucre in going 4-fold over what Democrats are asking for.
Now the reason that they are all fundraising over this is that it works. People (like me) get all wrapped up in this and want to throw money at a perceived problem. But now I am perceiving the problem as a willingness to head over a fiscal cliff, and play with the jobs of hundreds of thousands of government employees because it fills up the campaign coffers like nothing else does.
So knock it off.
Stop throwing money at these people. All it does is encourage them to carry out their threats.
Boehner has indicated that his next budget bill will contain a provision to delay Obamacare for another year. This is not going to happen and he knows it. But at 12 bucks per sucker, that amounts to a lot of money to fight off TEA Party primary challenges. So he has put the lid on a solution and over the cliff we go.

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