Sunday, October 20, 2013

Say NO to Outsourcing

OK. On a personal note I have a bone to pick with the corporations that have outsourced their customer services overseas. You know what I am talking about. When you have a Comcast problem you are hooked up with a guy with an Indian accent. Now I don't rail against Indians who want a job. I just want to have service provided. And truth to tell, the Indians have done well by me.

Not so much the hotel industry.

Outsourcing the hotel industry has been a disaster. Philippinos have know idea about our conditions. Nor do Indians. Their call centers in American hostelry has been disastrous. And no, the fact that my own kindred lost their job to the Philippines has no bearing on this.

Well, a little.

I made a travel arrangement tonight and had some concerns about the hotel's location. A concern that the remote handler could not deal with. I was given the local number - a number that I should have already been provided - and we got it all worked out. Here is the exchange.

Please enter required fields to start the chat. 00:20
Hal has joined the session 00:21
Welcome to IHG chat! 00:21
IHG: 00:21
Hello Hal!
IHG: 00:21
Welcome to a secure chat session, one moment while we connect you.
IHG: 00:21
If you need to manage your Rewards Club account, Sign in here -
IHG: 00:21
You are next in the queue.
Cheryl Ann O. has joined the session 00:21
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:21
Hello Hal!
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:22
How may I assist you?
Hal: 00:23
I am traveling this November with a truck and trailer to California and I need specific information on the Holiday Inn at xxxxx Gateway Blvd West in El Paso.
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:24
May I ask what specific information would you like me to check for you?
Hal: 00:26
I need to know whether there are obstacles like steep offramps or other kinds of twists and turns that would make it difficult to park my truck and trailer at the motel.
Hal: 00:27
I know El Paso somewhat and know that this is an issue.
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:30
Upon checking, we do not have that specific information. Kindly contact the hotel directly to provide you the complete information with regards to your concern.
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:30
The hotel number is xxxxxxxxxxx. You may also send an email to
Hal: 00:32
Thank you for your honesty, Cheryl. You cannot know the conditions in my country. That is the fallacy of having those out of our country provide services to Americans. You really are irrelevant.
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:33
Is there anything else that I can check for you?
Hal: 00:33
No, Cheryl, you have done all you can. Nothing. Have a nice day.
Cheryl Ann O.: 00:33
Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day!
Cheryl Ann O. has left the session. 00:33
Hal has left the session. 00:33
Chat was finished 00:33
OK, my point is that we need Americans to serve Americans. The corporate world has outsourced reservations overseas. And so much more. We need Americans to rise up and demand that these corporations deal with us and not some overseas phone bank. Do this. Do not deal with overseas agents. Protect American jobs.


Kameshwari said...

I am not a regular follower of your blog, but I've read enough to see that you are deeply concerned about education.

With that being said, I'll move to your current topic of outsourced call centers and the customer service reps low information of our country. With the hostile take-over, the dismantling of education and a rejection of science and critical thinking, U.S. call center techs will be clueless about the geography of their own country.

Where did you land in CA? I'm planning a visit ti Palm Springs around Christmas time. In 1999, I packed up an old Volvo wagon and moved to Desert Hot Springs. Happy transitioning. Be well.

Anonymous said...

May be its just me. From your chat exchange I don't see how you arrived at the customer service being done from outside the country.