Thursday, December 16, 2010

Terry Lakin Gets 6 Months in the Federal Pen

Remember Terry Lakin? The birther Army lieutenant colonel who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he questioned whether President Obama was the lawful President of the United States because he suspected he was not a natural born citizen of the United States?

He said that if Obama is not President, then any order he issues is illegal.

The “Birther Doctor” just got his wish it seems. He will not be deployed to Afghanistan, instead he will be deployed for six months in a federal prison.

The prosecution in his court martial asked for 2 years. He got a quarter of that as well as a severance from the military.

“The prosecutor said Lakin had other options such as resigning or asking not to be deployed if he had issues with his orders. Instead, he used his deployment earlier this year as a political ploy, O'Beirne said, going to great lengths to create a "spectacle" by informing people of what he was doing.”

“‘He knew exactly what he was doing and he did it anyway,’ O'Beirne told the jury, asking members to send a message with their sentence and telling them they could ‘write the headline’ that appears in papers about Lakin.”
Like how he politicized the whole thing in this You Tube video:

Yes, he could have resigned, but he opted for the politics of the moment to get him out of going to the war zone. Too bad. He had a better shot at getting out of going to Afghanistan if he had just gone to his commanding officer and propositioned him. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was in full swing, and it still is despite the wishes of a President, a Secretary of Defense, a Joint Chiefs of Staff, 70% of all military service people, and the majority in the House of Representatives.

And a majority of Americans.

In the Senate there are 61 filibuster-breaking votes that can get the bill to repeal DADT to the Senate floor. What are the chances that it will come to a vote once and for all before those filibuster-breaking votes go away in January?

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