Saturday, March 01, 2008

John Cornyn Robo-Calling For McCain

Guess who just called me? Texas Senator John Cornyn. My first thought was that he was calling about his own re-election campaign, but that thought flew out the door very quickly as he announced his true intention: to ask me to vote for his best friend forever, John McCain.

John McCain? Cornyn? Is this the same John McCain who uttered the most offensive curse word in the English language in the general direction of Cornyn last year? Last May when Cornyn jumped off the Bush/McCain immigration bandwagon?

Starts with F, rhymes with “Huck” (abee) and is usually (and was, in this case) followed by a “You” for good measure.

Well, it follows, I guess, when the race has dwindled to two contenders, the winner and Mike Huckabee, that Cornyn would have to endorse someone. And why not endorse his BFF John McCain, if only because Mitt Romney announced his pull-out from the race a mere two hours before.

Well, I guess Cornyn has gotten over that word. That and being called, in the same exchange, the fecal production of a chicken.

You really do have to hand it to John Cornyn. He really knows how to choose his friends.


Earl said...

So does McCain. He's cozying up to some real snakes-in-the-grass. Catholics are appalled at some of the nutjobs he's embraced after attacking the Religious Right. If this goes on McCain will show his "moderate side" AFTER the election.

Anonymous said...

I am Catholic and I find that previous comment ludicrous. The only nutjobs centrist McCain is too close to are the liberal Senators he coauthors bills with.

Obama sat in a Black Liberation afro-centrist 'church' for 20 years, gave money to a nutjob Rev Wright who in turn preached about hating America and called Africa the homeland, gave awards to another hater Louis Farrakhan, and shared a world-view that is far more dangerous than anything coming from Rev Hagee's suspect theology.

Obama insists Wright is “a brilliant man who was still stuck in a time warp.” Wrong, Obama. Wright is a hate-mongerer who would be JUST AS WRONG if we were to go back 20 or 30 years and hear him say "God D**n America". Obama's behavior on this is absolutely and totally inexcusable. Obama has endorsed by his 20 years of association with this church that preaches alienation from America. His closeness to Wright is far far greater than any of these McCarthyesque put-up jobs that try to connect McCain with some preacher he never he met (and who is not even in his denomination)...

In other words, there is rank hypocrisy by those who try to tie McCain to right-wing preachers due to a distance and tenuous relationship that says nothing about McCain's own views ... yet try to get Obama off the hook when in fact he has a very close relationship with Wright over 20 years that indicates Obama's sympathy if not agreement with Wright's extremist afro-centrist philosophy.

Hal said...

I find that whole argument flawed. Giving McCain a pass for being supported by religious bigots while finding fault in Barack Obama for having an elderly pastor with opinions on how black people were treated in his generation.

We white people must have some very short memories if we can't recall the rank hatred of blacks only 40 years ago. Old ideas and old attitudes are hard to break free from. Any one of us who have parents raised during the Great Depression know about how hard it is to get over life-changing conditions.

This won't wash, Anon. Take your race-baiting somewhere else and spew it. No one is listening here.