Sunday, January 04, 2009

Did the Scales Just Tip?

Going by the numbers, with the “Gang of 11” Republican ABC bloc throwing their support for Joe Straus for Texas House Speaker, and with 64 Democrats having signed an “Anyone But Craddick” pledge, that gives you exactly 75 votes if the Democratic bloc throws in with the new anointed one.

That’s parity. That’s exactly half the Texas House. Not enough to elect anyone.

But wait, yesterday State Rep Aaron Peña took note of the new turn of events on his blog and had these words to say about Straus.
“I consider Rep Straus to be a close friend and half-jokingly call him a South Texas legislator, because part of his district lies on the boundary of cultural South Texas. By his selection this race for speaker has sufficiently narrowed to allow uncommitted members to make their selection. I would look for the other candidates to drop off and consolidate soon.”
Ever the cagey one, Rep. Peña falls short of declaring his support for his “close friend” but it seems clear that he is not entirely against the idea. That being the case, should this run its course, Peña is absolutely correct in his forecast that we should “have a better idea” of who will be the Speaker by the end of the weekend.

Peña, it should be remembered, is not one of the 64 signatories on the Democratic ABC declaration.

That makes his vote number 76.

And the scales just tipped.

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