Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Washington Court: Sex With Students Is Okey-Dokey

The State of Washington apparently has embarked on a unique teacher attraction/retention program within its boundaries. The incentive to teach in Washington? The courts there say it’s OK for a teacher to have sex with their 18 year old students.

Now you have to wonder about the motives that teachers have to work in Washington, especially with a news piece coming out regularly about one teacher or another being fired for having sexual relations with their students – of just about any age.

One sort of teacher it seems, accepts the low-paying, low-respect job as a public school teacher because they want to have sex with children.

So if Washington isn’t careful, it may just attract that kind of teacher to its shores.

The decision was handed down by a 3-judge appeals court panel. The case was one of a 33-year old male music teacher having sex with his 18-year old student in the closing months of the 2005-06 school year.

Because the child was 18, the court found, and not technically a minor, as the offending teacher pointed out, the state could not charge the music teacher with “first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor”.

At best, since there definitely is a school district rule against consensual sex with students, so there were grounds for firing the teacher, as well there should be. And you could also find the teacher guilty of poor judgment, social idiocy and poor classroom management skills.

But no jail time.

And thankfully no subsequent teaching job for this bozo.

Washington legislators are trying to fix the problem, making it a felony for a teacher to have consensual sex with any public school student – of any age up to 21. The bill was filed by a Richland state rep, Larry Haler, who was asked to do so by his local school district.

It seems yet another male teacher in Richland was caught making whoopie with one of his students.

Yes, they had two of them, and if they don’t move quickly, they are bound to have more.

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Now that's a blue state for you.