Wednesday, February 25, 2009

80% Approval. What About It Now, Grand Obstructionist Party?

It’s here at the CBS News poll taken before (63% Approval of President Obama’s plans for dealing with the economic crisis), and after (80% Approval) President Barack Obama addressed the joint session of Congress and millions of Americans who sat there last night glued to their television sets.

80% Approval.

So what about it now, Grand Obstructionist Party? Party of “No!”? Is it time to knock off all of the political grandstanding? Is it time to stop chasing after red herrings that constitute less than 10% of the entire economic recovery package?

By my count that leaves the obstructionists with 20% (or maybe even less) who side with GOP hardliners. By my count, that means that only the extreme right wing of the GOP now go along with the Republican minority who jink and swerve at every turn to try and prevent a 3 pointer from Obama.

But I hear that Obama is a good hand at sinking 3 pointers.

Is that where Republicans want to align themselves for the next election? With the fanatic fringe?

So, obstructionist congress, partisan governors, Bobby Jindal (hey, nice work, by the way, with your rebuttal speech. I couldn’t have done a better job discrediting your party if I tried). What about it? How about it now that there are 80% of us behind Obama’s brand of economic recovery?

Wanna play ball now?


Fenway Fran said...

This poll made my day. Bobby Jindal is probably wishing he was in the altered state of most Louisianans on Fat Tuesday. So glad he opened his mouth on national TV.

Imee said...

That's nice to know. :) "Grand Obstructionist Party"? Lol! But yeah, they do oppose things a lot. Sometimes it makes me wonder if they actually think before they say no.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the AFG news? How can some of these companies going out of business pay back the taxpayers? Or maybe they knew that already when they started taking the corporate welfare.

Anonymous said...

These feel good speech bounces never seem to last long. Perhaps if he makes it every couple of weeks people will get out and spend more (like that is what we need).

It is foolish to try and return the economy to "the way it was". Remember the "way it was" created the current crisis.