Friday, February 27, 2009

You Da Man!

I can’t decide which is worse, a noodle-brained congresswoman who is under the impression that she is “down wid it” and heaps approbation upon the new African-American Chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele, by proclaiming “You Da Man!” or an African-American who wants to lead a crew of puffy old white men and manic white women as they make a bold but foolhardy tack to the right toward 2010.

As told by Keith Olbermann:

Didn’t anyone tell Michelle Bachmann that it is considered high gauche for a white woman to speak in Ebonics to a black man?

Didn’t anyone tell Michael Steele that it isn’t OK for a black man to accept this with a smile and a guffaw? Are we to expect a tap dance up and down the stairs with Shirley Temple next?

Who ARE these people anyway and what planet did they come from?

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John Coby said...

But according to the gop, having a black man in charge of their party allows them to use the N word and not be called a racist as in "Chairman Steele, you da top N now! Dawg"