Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Barack Hussein Obama

My president's birthday is coming up this August 4th. That's two weeks from today.

And already we are getting emails, mine from Speaker Pelosi, asking for us to sign his birthday card. My conservative friends took note of that and I told them that it was ultimately a request for a donation, which it was.

Then I blithely went through the screens on my Razr and donated 25 bucks.

You can do the same thing starting here.

Then today I noted that the former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party bemoaned the fact that he gets the same solicitations to contribute that I do. Richard Wadhams says that he won't be signing the birthday card, and I can't figure out why. Signing it is free. It's just the donate screen that follows where you make the contribution.

But I have to agree with the commenter to the article. No one in the Democratic Party is going to take seriously a contribution from a "Dick Wad."

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