Sunday, April 28, 2013

Early Voting Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow you can go to any early voting location in the county and cast your vote for the candidate of your choice in the May Uniform Election. This is the election where local races that are of the greatest importance to local political decisions are made.
They aren't as sexy as a presidential election, and not even as well-attended as mid-year elections are, but they are the ones that affect your personal lives the most, because it's true: all politics is local.
What is also true is that when you vote in an off-year election, you speak for not only yourself but 18 other voters who typically sit these elections out.
Which is fine, in my opinion. Because if the truth of the matter be known, most people do not inform themselves on local issues, nor do they care about them a whole heck of a lot. Ad if the truth be known, I always love to cast my vote for 19 of my conservative neighbors. And they should be relieved that I do this for them because I try to keep informed on the local issues.
So tomorrow I will go to the polls and cast my 20 votes for Cynthia Lenton-Gary, and not for Dave "What Me File" Rosenthal. And I will also vote for anyone but Jim Rice, whose campaign warchest is full of lucre from construction companies.
And if I lived in a Lamar Consolidated ISD and lived in one of the districts that are currently up for grabs, four of them this year, I would vote for Frank Torres (District 3), or Karen Mendoza (District 1) or Anna Gonzales (District 6) or Kay Danziger (District 2)
In Lamar CISD they vote by districts whereas in Fort Bend ISD anyone can vote for anyone running. The person needs to be living in the district they run in, but I can vote for anyone in any district. So in Lamar CISD people can win by tens of votes. In the last election a Trustee was challenged by some guy with a bone to pick over her vote on the Foster HS attendance zone. She won re-election handily by over 260 votes and there were only 300 plus votes cast in her district.
So Lamar CISD is usually interesting to watch, but Fort Bend is where I live.

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