Friday, March 16, 2007

On Timing and The Noriega Draft

Psssst. Hey you! Shhhhhh! Wanna know who’s gonna run against John Cornyn for Senator from Texas in 2008? You’d never guess in a million years. Well, ha, I knoooow . . . but I’m not gonna tell ya!

That is what we were all greeted with on Daily Kos a couple or three weeks ago. Others thought so, as well, and had other names to add to the stew. The blogwires were abuzz about who Kos had in mind. So to his credit, Kos didn’t divulge names. Who knows what havoc he could have played with this person if they were sitting in elected office? A presidential early start is on thing, but now US Senate?

Then some guy on a new ezine put 2 and 2 together and a couple of days ago blurted out that Kos’ secret candidate was none other than Texas State Representative Rick Noriega (D-Houston). He posted it on Daily Kos, then Kos admitted that it was Noriega that he had in mind.

A blogstorm ensued. How dare they put Rick Noriega in this position! How dare they indeed. To say that it would be a good idea to draft Rick Noriega to run against John Cornyn is one thing. I wrote just about those very words here a month ago, but it was mainly an echo of what was said at the Rick and Melissa Noriega Lovefest last Valentine’s Day. But to imply with absolute sure and certain knowledge that this is the plan is akin to sabotaging anything that Rep. Noriega wants to get done. Or so that’s what they say. I’m taking the word of others on this. So here we have the Rep half way through the session, the Rep’s wife, Melissa, is in a many-headed race for Houston City Council and now some tasteless soul heaps this on their plate, too.

I can get behind what other bloggers and Richard Morrison have done here. It’s not a smug statement that they know the mind of Rick Noriega. It is an earnest plea that he please consider this. That if he does, he can count on lots of support.

There’s a long way to go on this. Rick Noriega has name recognition here, but I don’t think anybody knows how he would play in other parts of the state.

Putting up a Draft Noriega website is OK, making smug statements that you already know he’s running is irresponsible, tasteless, and smacks of headline whoring.


This last bit doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, but my friend Ann clipped it out of a newspaper and I thought it would be an appropriate ending to any posting on this site.

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Tammy said...

Your right, you can almost see them sticking their tongue out saying na-nah-na-na-na!
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