Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wear Your Teabagger Shirts!!!

In a nice catch by Eljefebob at the Daily Hurricane (I don’t frequent these sites for the sake of self-preservation) the Fort Bend County Tea(bagger) Party Society wants to crash the Sugar Land Tree Lighting Ceremony this Thursday.

As if we don’t have enough party crashers out there.

Still, what has captured my attention was the fact that Tea Partiers are being exhorted by the proprietor of Sugar Land’s La Madeleine, who is also the president of that club to wear their Tea Bagger T-Shirts to the event (shirts that they no longer sell through their website).

The event starts at dusk, around 5 PM.

The high temperature is forecast to be 57º Fahrenheit on that day (3-ish) and will fall to 38º later that evening (but we all know how the temperature falls after the sun goes down).

Perfect Teabagger Shirt weather.

Well, I suppose they can wear their camo thermal underwear underneath.

And Susan’s point is well-taken. I know a little about political organizations that take money and donations in support of political causes. I just checked the Texas Ethics Commission website and searched for all registered groups with the words “Fort Bend” in their names and found 26 such groups, either political parties or general purpose PACs, and could find no record of the “Fort Bend County Tea Party Society.”

In fact, when you search on just the words “Tea Party” just three results are returned. One from Collin County, one from Houston and one from Spring.

And none of this nonsense about being “non-partisan.” When you search the Texas Ethics Commission on the keywords “League of Women Voters,” about as non-partisan as you get in these parts, six results are returned.

So while these teabaggers are getting warm, they should also get wise.

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