Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fort Bend County’s Precinct 1 JP Court Draws 6

Amazingly enough, an office that has been very quiet for years and years in Fort Bend County is attracting six candidates to run for it. That office is Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace – Place 2.

Why this is, if you don’t know, will be very clear in about 20 seconds.

Judge Gary Geick has been occupying the office of JP in Precinct 1 for 30 years. In all that time he has had little or no opposition. But last year, Judge Geick suffered a stroke and it has kept him from his duties for months now. He is not expected to return to the bench until March or April.

But Republicans don’t want to wait for him to retire. They sense a weakness in Judge Geick and are willing to bet that Precinct 1 Republicans want to go with a younger (and healthier) candidate in November.

Democrats are another story. Democrats assume that Gary Geick will be renominated and that the winner among a field of three will face him in November. The difference being that County Commissioner Richard Morrison, of Precinct 1, has demonstrated that a Democrat can win in that precinct.

He did.

So three Democratic candidates have emerged to compete for the nomination. In alphabetical order they are Aurelia Moore, an educator, and Marty Rocha, a sheriff’s deputy and some other guy.

Two of the three have come out to speak not only at a Fort Bend Democrats’ regular club meeting, but also at the Fort Bend County Democratic Party’s regular meeting.

Marty Rocha has been conspicuously absent.

I am not endorsing in this race because, quite frankly, both candidates that I have seen and heard seem like quality candidates. Both would serve the public interest just fine if they were elected.

I don’t envy Precinct 1 voters. They have a hard choice to make.

But if you live there, you need to make a decision. If you can’t meet them click on the You Tube videos I have posted below.

Here is Aurelia Moore.

You’re welcome.

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