Wednesday, December 14, 2011

While DC Court Fiddles, Texas Primaries Burn

Fly, meet ointment.

Today we learned that the federal court in DC that is engaged in the lawsuit to decide whether the Texas redistricting violates the Voting Rights Act will hear closing arguments on the case on February 3rd.

That’s six, count ‘em, six days after the deadline date that county clerks across Texas say they need to have in order to reschedule a single Texas primary election to April 3rd.

And guess what? What if the DC court decides that the boundaries that were redrawn by the state legislature earlier this year were, by design, discriminatory toward Hispanics in Texas? And what if the Supreme Court decides that the district boundaries drawn by the San Antonio federal judges are invalid?

We have, friends and neighbors, one 9 on the Richter Scale clusterf… . Clusterf… .

That is, between these three courts, DC, SCOTUS, and San Antonio, we might just see not just Hispanic voters disenfranchised in 2012, that’s just small potatoes. We get to witness the disenfranchisement of the entire population of the state of Texas.

And that’s what you get when you stay away from the polls in 2010 and allow Republicans to enjoy a super majority in the legislature.

A true clusterf… .

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Greg said...

Actually, there is an option that springs to mind -- and which has historical precedent. In 1964, the entire Illinois Legislature was elected "at-large" on what was known as the "bedsheet ballot" in the wake of the Baker v. Carr decision by the US Supreme Court, which threw out the state's legislative map for violating the "one-man, one-vote" principle.

Imagine getting to vote for every seat in the legislature and every house seat!