Monday, February 25, 2008

For Texas HD 27: Reynolds or Olivo?

When it comes down to it, people should decide for themselves. Newspapers and other mainstream media can weigh in on who you should vote for . . . and even blogs.

Like mine. My recommendation is to vote for Ron Reynolds. I know the man and I know the people who support him. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at this list for a sample of the people who support this young up and comer.

My blogging colleagues have all been silent on their support for Reynolds, but I basically view this as a victory in that it is most often the case, unless there are extenuating circumstances, an endorsement goes for an incumbent. In the two blogs I have monitored, both declined to make an endorsement for the incumbent in HD 27. I find this to be not surprising. They apparently are doing what I am doing here: inviting the voter to take a look for themselves.
And choose for yourself.

First, take a look at Ron Reynolds’ introductory video.

Yeah, I know, Election Day is March 4th.

Now I have just discovered Dora Olivo’s campaign video. Take a look and judge for yourself. Use your own criteria in coming to a conclusion. I won’t help.

Now go and vote.


jolie said...

I've weighed in previously on dora olivo's legislative record. I worked for her, and can attest to her lack of enthusiasm and energy for what truly is a lot of hard work - passing good legislation. she does enjoy the perks of the job, however!

when you couple her unremarkable work ethic and inadequate voting record with her commitment to opposing a woman's right to choose, you recognize that it's time district 27 elected someone different. the elections this year are all about change - positive change - and this seat is a good example of the value of change.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Reynolds can make up his mind between Clinton or Obama, apparently during this election cycle he has given to both. I noticed he is trying anything to get this seat. Not a good sign. Even Capitol Annex seems to know what's going on via non-endorsement of him along with the Fort Bend Independent News. I've also heard his campaign has strained old friendships of his trying to force endorsements. I hope he loses badly!

Hal said...

I've wondered about the same thing myself. Dora has obviously made the determination that Obama will serve her interests best and has endorsed his campaign.

But I'll bet she doesn't have a picture of herself shaking hands with Barack Obama like Ron does.