Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Watch Rick Noriega on Live Streaming Video Tonight

It’s official. The Rick Noriega for Senate campaign has just announced that they will carry tonight’s debate to be held on the University of Texas campus via live streaming video on their website.

The debate is scheduled to begin at 8 PM (CST) sharp so make sure you have all your PCs tuned to the proper channel.

Click HERE to go to the live stream website.

The debate is reportedly between State Rep LTC Rick Noriega who announced his candidacy for Senate to run against Bush rubberstamp John Cornyn after a prolonged Netroots draft movement, and a private school teacher named Fred McMurrey. Or Ray. Ray, I think it is. Why this debate has to occur at all is still a mystery to me, but I will watch it anyway just to see how well our man Rick is speaking these days. I heard and read the “Had Enough” speech that he gave to the Texas AFL-CIO convention, and that one was a doozey.

Although Fred was great in the TV series “My Three Sons”, and I especially liked his performance as an absent minded professor in a movie of the same name (but you have to take into account that I was 5 years old when I saw that movie).

I hear that the questions to be asked to the candidates were submitted by email from the online community. Much has been made of the fact that Rick Noriega dominates the blogosphere in having a fiercely loyal support group, as well as having friends in high places who organized this event, so one wonders just how kind the questions will be to the Johnny-Come-Lately challenger who really has no will or resources to mount a state-wide campaign against a well-funded Rovian Republican machine.

My one question, that I didn’t actually submit, is what does Fred . . . er . . .Ray have to complain about now that he has finally gotten his one-on-one debate with the far and away front runner in this race? Stated succinctly, what does he have to whine about now?

I really would like to hear the answer to that.

Well, no, not actually, but it sounded fair and balanced, didn’t it?

The campaign has just provided a link to embed the live stream in any website. So if you want, just click on the link below to get the live feed via US Strem starting at 8 PM central time.

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