Saturday, May 15, 2010

Polls: It’s Still Drill Baby, Drill

Apparently a looming ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is not enough to change the minds of the “Drill Baby, Drill” shouters of two years ago. According to an AP-GfK poll conducted last week, a full 50% of Americans still want offshore drilling to continue unabated.

Remember this?

But oddly enough, while these people still love offshore oil drilling, they are not so sure about British Petroleum. 32% of respondents approved of BP’s handling of the situation and 49% disapproved.

So maybe they think it’s OK for Mother Exxon to drill for oil in the offshore, but not BP.

In their Pew Research Center asked a question that I consider significant asking people to rank the “oil leak” in the Gulf, and 92% of respondents considered the seafloor oil gusher to be either a major disaster of a serious problem. But again, significantly, a CBS News poll found that 51% of respondents rated this as an “isolated incident” as opposed to a “broader problem.”

Proving to myself, again, the utter ignorance that people have of the oil and gas industry.

Here are the questions I would like to see asked:

If you knew that the oil industry does not have a plan in the event of a subsea blowout in the deepwater, would you want to continue deepwater exploration and development?

If you knew that both BP and Halliburton have both been investigated for unsafe operations, would you want them to drill in the deepwater, especially on the same drill ship?

If you knew that no matter how many offshore oil wells we drill, we will never attain energy independence, would you want to continue drilling for oil in the deepwater?

And finally,

If you knew that neither BP nor Halliburton has any intention of reimbursing people for the livelihoods that they destroyed in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, would you want them to continue drilling for oil in the deepwater?

I wonder what respondents would say to these questions.

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