Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video: Toddler Sucking on a Kretek

Here’s another one for all of you people out there who came unglued when the sale of Indonesian kretek cigarettes, cigarettes that are flavored with cloves, cigarettes that have some of the highest concentrations of nicotine in the world, was banned in America.

Indonesia’s single most popular export, worldwide, is the kretek. A substance that is now illegal in my country. Many Indonesians begin smoking as children but this video evokes extreme disgust from me. Disgust and extreme wonder.

Wonder in the sheer ignorance that this child’s parents possess.

The boy, Ardi Rizal, is hooked on nicotine. Having smoked since he was 18 months old, he is now so hooked that he throws a tantrum when his parents refuse to give him a smoke.

Reminding me of the storm of comments that I received on my two blog postings on what a great thing outlawing these deadly leaf-filled tubes is. A great start.

Because aside from age, I really see no difference between young Ardi and the kretek smokers out there who have raged over the loss of their self-destructive habit.

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