Sunday, August 21, 2011

No More Moammar?

It was becoming increasingly clear as the weekend progressed that the rebels in Libya were finally making significant progress. Now, as I write this, CNN is reporting that two of Moammar Gaddaff’s sons have been captured by the rebels. It seems to signal the beginning of the end for the 42 year reign of the Libyan dictator.

While no final battle is forming up yet - the rebels are reported to be waiting for reinforcements - people are already asking themselves what is to come next. And that’s a pretty good question.

Things didn’t work out all that well in Egypt. From what I see, it looks like they have just traded out a civilian dictatorship with a military dictatorship. But circumstances are no where near the same in Libya, are they? Egypt’s civilians practically invited their military to take over. In Libya, they are inviting their military into the fires of perdition.

Indeed, with the exception of the fact that the US military was there, this situation seems to be shaping up to look like the fall of Baghdad in 2003, with lawlessness, looting, and killing being the order of the day. And to make matters worse, the rebels are armed to the teeth now, having emptied armory after armory in their advance on Tripoli.

So from where I sit, this isn’t looking all that good. My suggestion is that NATO shift gears and become policemen.

And then there are UN peacekeepers.

All I know is, time is of the essence. This thing could end tonight. That means people need to be in place tomorrow.

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