Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Threat to America

The governor of my state, Rick Perry, has just put my President, Barack Obama, on the same footing as the great enemy of my country, Osama bin Laden.

Rick Perry has denounced President Barack Obama as ‘the greatest threat to our country’ and called for him to be replaced by a new commander-in-chief ‘who is passionate about America.’
Excuse me?

Is it because President Obama ordered the execution of “the greatest threat to America,” Osama bin Laden, and it happened, so that leaves. . . The President as the second-greatest, and now because bin Laden is dead, “the greatest?”

Is that what is on the governor’s mind?

The governor then went on to say that veterans and servicemen would rather have their commander-in-chief be someone who once wore a military uniform. You know, like George W. Bush did when he served in the Texas Air National Guard. You know, that guy who had a swiftboating group defame a Vietnam War veteran. You know, John Kerry?

Perry stopped short of calling himself a war hero, I guess, so that counts for something. From what I recall, being an Air Force C-130 transport pilot was about as dangerous, and life-threatening as knitting. Being a C-130 transport pilot was not as exciting, perhaps, as getting your F-4 Phantom shot out from under you over Hanoi, as the previous GOP candidate got to do, but it does get you on the road to being a Southwest Airlines pilot, something Perry nearly found himself doing but abandoned through a trick of fate and a rain storm.

And now, because that never happened, we have Rick Perry shooting coyotes inside Austin city limits, and shooting his mouth off to please mindless bat guano crazy ultra-conservatives.

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JJR said...

If Perry, Lord help us, actually wins, it'll be the Worst Aggie Joke Ever. Of All Time.