Monday, November 27, 2006

Texas Ethics Commission: No Secrecy Now or Ever

This evening I was sent a Kronberg Report piece (sorry, subscriber stuff) about the Texas Ethics Commission that has a ruling on what shall be reported when a contributor to someone’s election campaign submits a check (or cash or estimated value of a 1993 Rolex).

Or just anything like that.

Just "a check".

From Bob Perry: (in an imagined donation) A check to the Republican Party of Texas. From New Christians Against Coming of Satan: a Wheel Barrow (contents undisclosed) – but some would say it contained bundled paper colored with various shades of green. Resembling US dollars.

You see, this is the flavor of what YOUR TEC is deeming to be a fair and above board contribution. Cash or check with no monetary value reported. No one need be identified, nor their numbers be revealed. An Abramoff Dream, Texas style.

Does this not make your blood boil?

I cannot countenance a single red-blooded American Patriot (capitol A and P) who would not bristle and boil against the notion of secret cash donations to a political party. Republicans, Democrats, not an issue. Is this not the ultimate in promotion of a TOTALITITARIAN INFLUENCE? It needs to be said. Exploration for total power equals totalitarianism.

Texans of any stripe – we cannot allow this to continue. Repudiate the TEC finding that a contribution to a candidate’s campaign need only be reported as “Check”.

Send your opinions to this address:

Texas Ethics Commission
P. O. Box 12070
Austin, TX 78711-2070

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