Monday, January 01, 2007

Let's Eat! Or Pass the Dawnna Dukes

Well the feeding frenzy continues. In their zeal to continue eating their young, out come the ominous threats: “They should remember Ron Wilson’s fate” appears menacingly as the first line of a post on BOR, And on another blog there is also a mention of Wilson and also Al Edwards:
“…but they have to know that as with Ron Wilson and Al Edwards, a strong Democrat can be run against them in their 08 primaries who will vote with Democrats on education, health care, consumer issues, etc.”
I can’t believe this comparison of Craddick D’s to the likes of Al Edwards and Ron Wilson. Neither of these two were ousted based on one single wedge issue like the speaker vote. Both lost their seats because their votes were so consistently Republican in orientation that they might as well have exchanged that D for an R on their nameplates (except their constituents would have noticed that and taken care of matters earlier than they did). For Krishna’s sake, Wilson even sided with the Republicans in the Craddick/DeLay redistricting that resulted in significant Democratic loses in ’04.

So, no, there is no comparison here.

BOR mentions at length plots and plans to oust State Representative Dawnna Dukes (HD 46) who has run unopposed in all but one primary, in 2000 where she handily defeated her opponent, Stella Roland. Roland was put up to run against Dukes by lobbyist Cal Varner who was angry over Duke’s votes against a “business-friendly faction of East Austin's old guard.”

I don’t know why Dukes has her name on Craddick’s December list, her votes are anything but Republican leaning. A clue to her reasoning may be found in her rationalization for her 2004 vote for Craddick – that he was going to win anyway so she was just being realistic. What about now, Dawnna?

And why anyone would want to replace a 6-term liberal Democrat with all that seniority, with a “to-be-announced” newbie, over a single issue, is a mystery to me.

Another mystery? Why is there no vigorous vituperation over State Rep. Aaron Pena? He’s down on the same Craddick D list. On his blog it appears that he knows who is going to win, but won’t let on.

Ah, his blog.

Liberal bloggers don’t trash out other liberal bloggers.

Well, almost all, anyway.

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