Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cheesus II: The Second Coming

I was a little mystified why my hit count went through the roof yesterday. It was way up in comparison to where it is this time of year, almost as high as it gets when people’s attention turn to elections and they start to pay attention to we political creatures once more.

That was until I saw the evening news and also checked to see where the traffic was coming from.

Because while I think it would be nice if everyone logged on and read yesterday’s blog posting on absolutely the nicest sounding new song I’ve heard in over 50 years, I know that isn’t likely to occur.

And I found out where all of these new readers were coming from.

From Google.

Now what is true is that the traffic that I get from everyone else who comes over to read my blog, other than my 6 regular readers, usually comes from a search engine. So many that this blog’s Google page rank is currently at 5, which is pretty good for a nobody from nowhere’s blog.

People were googling on a news item that we all saw on TV yesterday. That a local Dallas woman who was very recently eating a bag of Cheetos when she recognized the form of Jesus Christ in a Cheeto. And they were arriving at my blog posting of over a year ago when someone else saw an image of the Savior of the World in one of his Cheetos.

And they even gave their Cheeto the same name: Cheesus.

So really, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and I guess you could say that this is the Second Coming of Cheesus.

The second Cheesus, I think, is more of a reach than the first. Let’s compare.

Here is the Cheeto that the youth minister at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, Steve Cragg discovered in March of last year.

And here is the Cheeto that Sara Bell of Dallas found.

I like the first one better. True the legs are rather abbreviated making Him look a little like Lieutenant Dan, the character that Gary Sinese played in the movie Forrest Gump, but the latest one lacks an arm.

The only thing that is common between the two Cheesuses is the absolute fact that neither of these food morsels have been able to carry out their prime function, to be eaten and nourish the body.

But for different reasons.

Steven Cragg lovingly put his Cheesus in a clear plastic box that he keeps on the bookshelf in his office. He gets it down every once in awhile to admire it and show his young flock.

Sara Bell, and her husband want to sell their Cheesus on Ebay.

And I can’t figure out which is worse, recognizing a religious figure worshipped by 1.1 billion people around the world in a morsel of junk food or trying to make a profit over same.

Or the alternative.

Mr. Bell claims that if they can’t get enough for it on Ebay they will eat their Cheesus.

Jesus Christ!

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