Friday, June 12, 2009

Had Enough of the Palins Yet?

Is it just me or has anyone else simply gotten fed up with the Palins of Alaska? Sure David Letterman did not serve his own self interest or those of teenaged girls for that matter with his off-color remark that implicitly sanctioned sexual intercourse between teenaged girls and mature men. He probably has more apologizing to do on that.

But I am getting fed up at the hypocritical path that the Palins have ventured down, where on the one hand they decry the attention directed at their children in the media, and on the other they foster and feed that attention at every turn.

Because using your minor-aged children for your own political gain or as a lure for the limelight is just wrong. Todd and Sarah Palin are surely the parents from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

So how have the Palins capitalized on their own children’s innocence? Three ways that I can count now.

Like using your newborn son, born with Down Syndrome as a poster child for why choosing abortion is the wrong choice.

Like using your 17 year old eldest daughter in a morality campaign promoting abstinence over contraception.

And now using the middle child, a 14 year old, as an object to imply that David Letterman is a pederast and should not be in the same room, city or state as her daughter.


“Letterman did give an apology of sorts later in the week when it became clear that it was Palin’s younger daughter, Willow, 14, who had come to town — not Willow’s older sister, Bristol, who has broken up with the father of her infant son. But Palin declined Letterman’s offer to appear on his show, saying ‘it would be wise to keep Willow away from’ him.”

“On TODAY Friday, Lauer asked the governor if she had been implying that Willow would not be safe around the late-night comedian. ‘Take it however you want to take it,’ Palin replied. ‘It was a comment that came from the heart.’”

That one was as over the top as Letterman’s comment, but as far as I could see, Letterman didn’t use his 5-year old son to make his point. Not like Palin made her point with the use of her 14-year old daughter

A point that is tantamount to an accusation.


Marsha said...


I think we ought to promote PALIN as the
Repugs candidate in 2010 for President. She is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...


Media outcry over Don Imus' insensitive comments about Rutger's women's basketball team.

Media silence over Daivd Letterman's insensitive comments about Sarah Palin's daughter having sex with Alex Rodriguez.

Now that's hypocrisy.

Hal said...

Media silence? Hardly.

Why do you think I am getting so sick and tired of the Palins? They are getting really good at turning a point around in the media. And the media laps it up. This time I think they overplayed it and wound up with a little egg on their faces.

And if Don Imus wasn't already a distasteful little snot his "ho" comment probably would have been given a pass.

Anonymous said...

Although no "ism" is a good thing, but racism is the worst of all the "isms". No "ism" is comparable to racism in a simile or metaphoric comparison--what happened at the Jewish Holocaust Center last week is racism in which, even, if I agreed with the Palin scenario comparison, which I do not; no deaths occurred with the Palin scenario; it only extended Palin's 15 minutes.