Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Congress: In TX – 14 Pruett Can Do It

There is one guy who serves in congress, has served in congress for 7 continuous terms, who doesn’t serve his own people and doesn’t deserve to sit in that congressional seat.

That person is Dr. Ron Paul, known as “Doctor No” to colleagues and staffers.

He has earned that moniker by voting “No” more often than a nun in a whorehouse.

And he has demonstrated to his own constituents the level of his commitment to them by gallivanting off to run for US President back in ‘08 in a race he didn’t have a prayer to win.

Not that his constituents noticed at all because not voting is pretty much the same as voting No these days if you are a Republican.

Which Ron Paul isn’t.

Dr. Ron Paul, Ob.-Gyn., is a Libertarian. A Libertarian who hides in Republican clothing. Paul is such a fervent Libertarian that he has named his middle son, Dr. Rand Paul (who is running for US Senator from Kentucky), after novelist/objectivist Ayn Rand – the Russian-born writer and philosopher whose ideas embody the Libertarian movement.

Ron Paul just needs to go, and since his district, CD-14, takes in a portion of northern and far western Fort Bend County, that makes it local and personal to me, even though my congressman, Pete Olson of CD-22 is the one I should worry about most.

So in CD-14 we have three individuals who have filed to run in the Democratic primary. These are Robert Pruett, the present Chief of Police of Galena Park PD in Brazoria County, Jeff Cherry a lifelong educator and coach from League City who has taught mostly at Clear Creek High School, and Winston Cochran, a League City attorney.

Of the three, Pruett Can Do It.

Now how can I possibly have arrived at this conclusion so early in the game? I wish that it was always this easy, frankly.

Jeff Cherry, is an educator, but Jeff Cherry is also a Democrat in Name Only. A DINO.

How do we know this? I have it on a YouTube video here. Cherry was interviewed by a videographer at a TEA party rally last April where he announced that he was running against Dr. Paul “as a Republican.”

It doesn’t take much of a barometer to determine the impossibility of that task. Cherry saw that he didn’t have much of a chance in a primary running against Ron Paul, so he switched parties. So one can conclude that a vote for Cherry as a Democrat is just as senseless as a vote for Paul as a Republican.

Winston Cochran is a bit of an enigma. He is listed on the TDP candidates’ list as an attorney from League City. But I had to dig a little to find a Cochran track record. Winston Cochran has run for judicial offices in the past. In 1998 he ran for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2 and won the Democratic primary (because no one ran against him) but then lost in the General Election to the Republican. In 1996 he ran for the same office, it seems, and lost in the primary. He has three opponents and finished dead last.

And I had to ask myself why.

Then I tripped over the answer. Winston Cochran ran in the Republican primary for House District 135 in 1992.

Another DINO.

This really leaves one no other choice. Robert Pruett is the only one running in the CD-14 Democratic primary who is a lifelong Democrat.

Here is his website, check it out.

And here is why I think Pruett has a chance in this election (besides being the only Democrat running for the job). Pruett is a cool customer. He has 30 years in law enforcement and looks every bit like it.

He talks like Texans, too. This is from his website.

“The people of the district deserve better than someone who talks about the Constitution all the time but does nothing. I have upheld the Constitution every day for over 30 years, I don’t need to talk about it. The people need someone in Congress who understands Texas and will work with others to bring help to the people of the district. Help they didn’t get after Hurricane Ike. Taxes are here to stay; we need to bring the benefits from those taxes home.”


And I have video at You Tube of Pruett speaking to the Fort Bend Democrats this past weekend.

Yep, that’s what he’s like. He’s a solid citizen and a rock solid Democrat. Pruett calls his opponents on the Democratic primary “Yayhoos.” Now you can hear him say it, can’t you?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this endorsement.

Who you endorsing in CD22?

Delezzia said...

I heard Mr. Pruett speak on Saturday and was very impressed. He has my vote.

clay barham said...

Ayn Rand expressed views of people and how they function, both as herd members and individuals, showing a preference for individual freedom. America was founded on individual freedom, simply because there was no other choice at the time to follow the Old World herd model. Our Founding Fathers gave us a definition of what Americans created, then a system to keep it going. We had three constitutions to define the limits of the national system, as we kept our individual governance close, starting between the ears and in the heart up to the County level that was supposed to be no further than a days horseback ride. In the 21st century, our elected representatives took an Oath to keep what was established, yet turned on it immediately and trashed it in order to reintroduce the Old World system rejected almost 400 years ago, by force just over 200 ears ago. They moved government away from the individual to a distant city and founded it as the center of organized crime, as if it were just an extension of Haiti. Then, they picked our pockets and destroyed our economy. Claysamerica.com

Anonymous said...

Paul is a statesman and a scholar. Too bad you've never met him and it's really too bad neocons on from both parties fervently attack him. I guess it really is all about the spoils of war, right?

Anonymous said...

God help us all. What ever happened to honesty and integrity in public service? Why does it always amount to nothing more than a good slogan? Give me Ron anyday!

Hal said...

That was a good slogan, Anon?

But thank you for suggesting my new anti-Ron Paul slogan, you are a peach.

"Ron Paul, God help us all."

Anonymous said...

Come on, we can do better than this can't we?