Monday, June 03, 2013

Palling Around With Kidnappers

John McCain, United States Senator John McCain, that is, embarked on an effort to play act at being a government representative to a faction and in a war that the United States has no business being involved in, and to a faction that the United States has no stated alliance with.
McCain took this on himself all by himself without any input or guidance by the State Department, and then had his photograph taken with a several members of the group with which he parlayed.
This one.

And this one.

And then, come to find out, the two guys in the back (circled in the photo immediately above) are alleged kidnappers. These militant Syrians, so-called freedom fighters, took it upon themselves with companions to delay the pilgrimage of eleven Lebanese Shiite Muslims on their way to worship at Shia holy places. Held them for days.
The two were identified by one of the pilgrims that they held against his will.
McCain, who was somewhat nonplussed when informed of this, was otherwise unfazed by this gaffe that anyone, just about anyone, could have predicted would happen.
Right about now, Syria is a great big grab bag full of people of questionable motive. John McCain, who should have known better, lent his prestige and his personal presence for these miscreants to exploit, and he should be ashamed of himself.
John McCain needs to leave affairs of state to the adults. No one wants a war in Syria, but apparently John McCain has never seen a war that he didn't like, this despite the fact that the only one that he personally had any participation in got him his plane shot out from under him, and that right quick after he first started flying it.
Honestly, I would be less alarmed if McCain posed in front of a bunch of strippers. They, at least, do honest and hard work.

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