Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perry Defunding Public Integrity?

In a move that, I predict, will haunt him wherever he plants his flag in any further political aspirations, Texas governor Rick Perry has just acted to defund Public Integrity in Texas.
Yes, that is it. Tom DeLay violated the public trust and was found guilty of two felony offenses which could only have happened if he had neither personal nor public integrity. And the office of the District Attorney of Travis County was instrumental in bringing this about, specifically the Public Integrity Unit that is run by the Travis County DA that enforces public integrity laws for all of Texas.
But now Perry has moved to defund that particular unit, rendering enforcement of all sorts of laws regulating government behavior, specifically, a watchdog unit over government corruption, inert. Incapable of enforcing a single law against a single corrupt government official.
This is what Rick Perry seeks to have as his legacy? The first Post-Reconstruction Texas governor to obstruct enforcement of anti-corruption laws?
So be it.
Move over Huey Long. Texas has one-upped your state.   

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