Thursday, July 31, 2008

DSCC Texas Senate: Rick Noriega Has A Real Shot This November

Yes, I am back.

Back from a frivolous time of spending too much money on food and gasoline. Back from spending too much money on traveling.

And now, as promised, I am Majorly (as my students prefer to say) Pissed Off.

I am enraged that my senatorial candidate, State Rep and LTC Rick Noriega has been ignored on the national scene. Even yes, today yes, as I watched my MSNBC feed the talking heads discussion over the “Top Five” senatorial races in the country, none of the heads would discuss my senatorial candidate, Rick Noriega. Nor would they even acknowledge the fact that we have a chance to retake the Senate by 60 seats.

Rick Noriega will definitely be one of those who retakes the Senate, a 60-vote majority that will enable a filibuster-proof majority, let no one doubt.

And in this I am encouraged by a news release, via DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer, via the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee), that Rick Noriega “Has a Real Shot This November.”

It’s here at this release, on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s letter head. Read it if you don’t believe me. But let me quote my favorite line.

“This is the year. Rick is the candidate to defeat John Cornyn and finally turn Texas back from Red to Blue once again.”
John Cornyn has lots of friends and they all want him to stay in the Senate. His friends care not a whit about the average Texan. His constituency is, and has been, the lobbies and interests that have collectively contributed to our economic throes courtesy of his mentor, Phil Graham. From pain at the gas pump to sacrifice at the grocery checkout line, his friends want him to stay in office and they are willing to pay dearly for that.

Are you willing to tell them to get out of town before sundown?

Rick needs your help. John Cornyn is well-funded by lobbyists and well-coifed by personal habit. Rick is lean, mean, and has a bald bean. Can we make up for one of these three things with a toss of a few dead presidents toward his campaign fund?

Guys, it is getting down to the wire here. Time to pony up for Texas.


Clark Bowers said...

Can you explain?

Rick Noriega's "plan" on Education


Rick Noriega's "plan" on Energy

Hal said...

Clark, why don't you ask the Noriega campaign to explain their positions?

Your energy link is broken, by the way, I had nothing to do with it. The blog which you provide the link to on "Education," a thoroughly racist rant, I might add, is educational for those of us who don't usually link to racially charged invective like that.

Rick championed a bill that granted "in-state" tuition rates to children of immigrants. These children would otherwise have to pay prohibitive out-of-state tuition in order to attend college - guaranteeing them a life without benefit of higher education. The reasoning: these children were unwilling and unwitting victims in their parents' choice to illegally enter the US.

This was a no-brainer, and passed both the Texas House and Senate - both houses dominated by Republicans I might add.