Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Out: Barbara Boxer's Email for Rick Noriega

Wow. They move fast. No sooner than I post this thing about Texas’s junior senator John Cornyn, I see that the Barbara Boxer PAC for Change has put out a plea for funds for Rick Noriega.

If you didn’t get it, well lucky you, I am going to reproduce it below, along with the links that you can click on to get to ActBlue’s “Turn Texas Blue” page. I just saw the email message and already, when I first loaded the page, there were already 19 contributions and $862 in there. When I finished dropping my Ulysses S. Grant in there, I saw that the contribution number had ticked over 3 more to 22. Just now, when I looked again, 10 minutes later, there are 31 contributions at $1232.

So go get your wallet and click on the links. Here is the email message:

Dear Hal,

SEVENTY-EIGHT TIMES. That's the record-breaking number of filibusters launched by the right-wing Republicans in the Senate already this Congress.

SEVENTY-EIGHT TIMES. And one of the leaders in these repeated cases of obstruction is Senator John Cornyn of Texas.

Health care for our kids? Filibustered. Stem cell research to cure so many diseases? Filibustered. Ending the war in Iraq? Filibustered. A plan to end the housing crisis? Filibustered. Tax incentives for wind and solar energy? Filibustered. Ensure adequate rest time for our soldiers between deployments? Filibustered.

We need to elect a Senator from Texas who will be part of the solution, not part of the gridlock and the partisanship. Rick Noriega can be that Senator -- someone who proudly stands against the status quo and for positive change -- but we need to help him, now.

According to a recent poll, Rick is running just 2 points behind John Cornyn. Now it's up to us to give Rick's campaign the resources he'll need to reach every voter in Texas. Donate to Rick Noriega's campaign through our ActBlue page today!

It's no wonder that last month, Rick Noriega won our online PAC for a Change "Choose a Challenger" contest: As a current Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard and an accomplished member of the Texas House of Representatives, Rick knows how urgent it is that we bring our troops home from Iraq, enact a new energy policy, and provide real solutions to reverse Bush's failed economic policy.

Right after we included Rick in our contest, John Cornyn's campaign blasted Rick and attacked me for daring to challenge the status quo -- a status quo embraced by Republican Senators like John Cornyn. On issue after issue, John Cornyn is one of the most loyal Republican Senators to George Bush's agenda -- an agenda that after seven devastating years, we so desperately need to change. As Texas' next United States Senator, Rick Noriega will help us get America back on the right track.

Let's send a strong Texas leader to the Senate this fall. Donate to Rick Noriega's campaign through our ActBlue page today!

What a breath of fresh air Rick Noriega would be for Texas. Unlike his opponent, Rick has served working families all his life. Not only is he a current Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard who was deployed in Afghanistan after 9/11, but he was also the Incident Commander of Houston's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and coordinated medical, housing and food services for over 2,000 evacuees to support those in need.Rick Noriega has always been there to serve our country -- whether it's during a time of war, in the chaos of a humanitarian crisis, or in the Texas House of Representatives. But now he needs our help to take on John Cornyn, a well-funded incumbent who has the backing of powerful special interest groups in Washington D.C.

Rick Noriega has what it takes to defeat a right-wing incumbent -- even in a red state like Texas. But he needs our help.

Show your support for Rick Noriega -- our PAC for a Change "Choose a Challenger" online vote winner: Contribute to Rick's campaign today!

Whether you can give $500, $50, or $5, your financial support is incredibly important. Running a Senate campaign in a state as big as Texas is expensive, so every dollar counts!

Thank you so much for your help.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

U.S. Senator

P.S. It's going to take a 60-seat majority in the Senate to overcome right-wing filibusters and end the war in Iraq, fight global warming, and put our nation on the right track again. And to reach that 60-seat threshold, we need to win in red states like Texas. Together, we can help fuel the Democratic wave sweeping across the country and send a Democratic Senator from Texas in 2008.
Contribute to Rick Noriega's campaign today!


Anonymous said...

Even people in California hate Boxer.

I love how your font for "Dear Hal" is different then the rest of the emal. The content, like the email, is all so very legitimate.

Hal said...

Oh, Anon . . .

Don't be such a putz. The font is all the same. I should know, I picked it. Arial 12. Blogger doesn't allow you to paste the email message exactly as you received it, only the words and punctuation.

Don't be so cynical. Leave that up to me.

I'm better at it.