Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newsflash: John Cornyn Thinks America Imports Only A Third of Oil We Consume

Now I like it that my sitting US Senator from Texas is concerned about oil imports. We all are. That’s right, Democrats as well as Republicans. What concerns me, though is that my US Senator from Texas, junior senator John Cornyn, has not a whit nor a clue about how much oil the United States actually imports.

Here is a screenshot to Cornyn's web page (in case they find out about this SNAFU and change the site’s content in the future – at this typing it looks exactly as I show it - you'll need to click on it to see the small text).

That’s right, John Cornyn’s campaign website has it that the United States imports fully one third (1/3), that is one part of three, of the total petroleum that we consume.


This is yet another reason why Texans cannot continue to tolerate the presence of this man in this office of high importance.

John Cornyn can’t keep his facts straight.

He relies on the pokes and prodding of the Bush Regime to tell him what is right and what is wrong, and how to vote. The man continues to ignore his own constituents, most of whom know better than he what the import to domestic oil proportion is.

Anyone with half a brain knows that the United States of America imports nearly 70% of the total oil we consume. Here is the Reuters article, but if you just want the relevant quote I have it below:

"The United States imports nearly 70 percent of its oil and Pickens said the world's top petroleum-consuming nation would import 80 percent in a decade if it does not aggressively tap its own natural gas and renewable resources."

But this is the real kicker: Cornyn uses this in his latest hit piece on Rick Noriega, who is his Democratic opponent in November, to show why Noriega’s energy plan is wrong. Noriega, Cornyn says, wants to “increase our dependence on foreign energy sources.”

Now I have looked at Rick Noriega’s video on his energy policy, and read about it in this Dallas Morning News article, and what I see in that video are lots of wind turbines and photoelectric cells – true renewable alternate energy sources.

Not only does Cornyn get it wrong on what Noriega’s policy is, and what a big surprise that is, he gets it wrong, horribly wrong, in underestimating by hundreds of thousands of barrels the amount of oil we import every day.

Do we need this under-informed Bushite lapdog representing us in the US Senate? Or do we need a new face with fresh ideas based on facts, ideas based on today’s reality?

A vote for John Cornyn is yet another vote for Idiocracy.


Anonymous said...

Unless John Cornyn updates his own website, I might be inclined to think it was a typo (1/3 instead of 2/3). What do you think?

Hal said...

Yes, go there now and you see that the headlines have been changed. It took public ridicule for them to do it. I doubt that it was a typo, more like a hapless adventure of bad math skills.

But honestly, do you think that an informed person would notice the difference between 1/3 and 2/3? It's a bit of a big difference.

Rhymes With Right said...

You've never made a typo?

And I suspect that some folks who aren't partisan hacks like you emailed the campaign and pointed out the error -- so it probably wasn't your "public ridicule" that was responsible.

But then again, maybe I should claim that my "public ridicule" of Rick Noriega was responsible for him adopting John Cornyn's energy policy as his own.

Hal said...

No "Rhymes", I don't think my ridicule of Cornyn's website caused him to change his numbers. I have only six readers, well seven now including you. The Noriega campaign put out a news release that might have caught the eye of Cornyn's people, though.

Oh, and by the way, thanks for the promotion. I am now a "political hack". That is up from the "prominent local democrat blogger" label that Pete Olson has bestowed upon me.

Rhymes With Wight said...

Pete doesn't know you as well as I do, Hal.