Saturday, July 05, 2008

Is McCain Getting Insider Intelligence from Bush?

Now, I’m not the only one to get the uneasy feeling that John McCain timed his recent trip to Colombia on a hot tip from someone in Bush’s administration. John Ridley on MSNBC got into it with Pat Buchanan about this very thing as retold here.

I just find it a little too convenient that McCain appeared on the scene in Colombia, mentioned the hostages held by FARC, left, then news breaks that some of FARCs hostages, including those specifically mentioned by McCain, are rescued.

First, Colombia seems to be a bit off the campaign trail. Not a lot of voters in Colombia.

Second, we are now being told that the Bush administration was informed that this rescue was in the works nearly two weeks ago. We also know that the Bush administration has a difficult time keeping mum about secrets, as Valerie Plame came to find out about.

So now we know something else. John McCain is enjoying the facility of having some inside information, and this is probably nothing new. But as far as I can remember, if my speculation has any grain of truth in it, this would be the first time that a military operation by a foreign power was leaked to a presidential campaign, and that campaign tried to make political capital off of it.

This is alarming on two fronts. One, what do you suppose would have happened to those hostages if a leak about this operation got to the wrong ear? Including those who have no need to know about this operation risked the lives of the hostages. Two, what kind of person would try to make political capital out of the freeing of hostages after 5 and 6 years of captivity?

Oh, that’s right, the kind of person who makes political capital out of himself being a military prisoner.

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