Friday, April 06, 2012

Relevant or Recalcitrant?

Let me tell you a sad tale of woe. Texas’ primary has been attacked by the lefties and the US Supreme Court had to put a stop to them. When our glorious state legislature passed by a vast majority, redistricting plans that made complete sense, the liberals tore their clothes and threw ashes in their hair. No fair, they cried. Our Mexicans won’t be able to vote for a Mexican candidate. Our minorities will be denied representation in the legislature.

So they went to court, as is their want, since they can’t win at the polls, and got a federal district court, probably left-leaning despite the two Republican justices on it, and put a halt to their plans. But then the US Supreme Court in all of its wisdom and conservative views to keep federal hands off of local politics overturned that court’s decision.
But now Texas’ primary won’t happen until the last week of this month, after 43 states have had their primaries and caucuses.
See? The liberals made Texas lose its relevancy. The relevancy that would have helped Texas Republicans be the ones who could actually be a deciding vote in who will run against that…that…Muslim.
Texas cannot be irrelevant, you see. Cannot.
So here’s the plan. The SREC, the executive committee that runs the Republican Party, will call an emergency meeting to change the party’s primary policy from one that awards delegates proportionately to each candidate’s polling, a very regressive policy, to a winner-take-all policy where the majority candidate gets to rake in every delegate in the Texas delegation.
That makes Texas relevant, you see.
Aren’t we clever? Oh, that and Rick Santorum, who trails Mitt Romney badly in the delegate count is ahead of Romney in the Texas polls by 8%. But the one thing has no relationship with the other. Texas conservatives just want their relevancy stored. That’s all.
Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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