Friday, April 20, 2012

Tomorrow is Texas' County/Senatorial Convention

In case you have been asleep since the Texas Democratic Party, and others, brought suit against the Republican majority-sponsored redistricting maps, you should know that because our primary date has been moved into the next to last Tuesday in May, but county/senatorial districts need to happen in time for the state party convention, this is your fair warning.

If you want to attend the Texas Democratic Party state convention in Houston starting on June 7th, you need to attend your county/senatorial district convention tomorrow.

They start at 10 AM.

Yeah the rules have changed a little. The nice thing is that this year, as opposed to 2008, if you attend the county/senatorial convention, you will in all probability be able to move on to the state convention. And those of you with national delegate aspirations will get a boost because you avoid the hurdle of the precinct conventions.

Who in their right mind wouldn't want to be there in Charlottesville to nominate the first African-American President of the United States to a second term?

Mainly because it is going to drive the Tea Party bonkers, and that is a very easy thing to do as they are already there.

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