Monday, April 23, 2012

Rick Perry’s Cashbox is Still Full

When Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, most of us were left slack-jawed. We knew how it would turn out. Perry has no skills in areas that are visible to the public eye. He can’t debate, he has no ability to carry himself as anything but a country bumpkin, and he is lazy and ignorant.

Did I mention he is ignorant?
So I took it upon myself to warn my Republican friends, yes I have one or two of them, about Rick Perry. Turns out warnings weren’t needed. He imploded on national TV, just as we all thought he would. This was an easy one.
And we always wondered why Rick Perry thought he was ready for prime time. He isn’t, his advisers know he isn’t. He isn’t even ready for T-Bone time. Brisket time. Strip steak time. Ground chuck time.  He just isn’t ready. So what was all the hoopla about? Why did we have to suffer those weeks with that buffoon making himself ridiculous on the state of endless debates?
As “Deep Throat” said in the film “All the Presidents Men:” Follow the money.
Rick Perry raised a total of $17.2 million in campaign funds in his short-lived run. Know how much of that he has spent? $2.1 million. He has over $15 million in cash on hand for a race he was never going to win. And one thing Rick Perry is good at, he is good at turning that asset around for his own profit because he knows how to make the system work for himself.
Really good at it.
This is a life-long politician who has made himself a multi-millionaire on a salary that would render him comfortable, but not fabulously wealthy.
So mystery solved. Rick Perry is in it for Rick Perry.  And every time Texans return him to office is just another indication of just how twisted the collective political mind of Texas really is.

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