Monday, April 02, 2012

Republicans Poised to Lose Ground in the Texas House

According to what I am reading in the Austin American-Statesman today, the Tea Party is about to make some more inroads on the Republican Party in the 2012 elections in a year when they will suffer setbacks due to the redistricting process.

In short, what is happening in Texas, and across America, is a continued polarization of politics, as moderates get primaried, and conservative agendas get progressively more radical. This is not so much happening on the left as it is on the  right.
Barry Goldwater, today, would be a Democrat.
Hard to fathom, but facts are facts.
How does this bode for Texas? Not well. Not well at all. It will probably be the case that Texas will shift to the right even more. Like Voter ID laws? Like Mandatory sonograms? Like underfunding education? Like mediocrity and loss of public services? Welcome to Republican Paradise in Texas, USA.
In short, while Texas will become less Republican in numbers, it will become more conservative in its majority make-up.
Maybe it’s time to book passage on a steamer to New Zealand.
Or a road trip to California.

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