Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forwarded Email

This will be a quick and dirty one because I've got a meeting to attend soon. Fortunately my friend Marsha forwarded an email message to me last night from a friend of a friend that she hasn't seen in years. The friend had just returned from Haiti. Why he was there I have no idea. It sounds like he went there to help out but with help like his, I think Hatians would be better off without. It's an interesting report and goes to the heart of why I detest neoconservative nutjobs.

This is a guy who graphically describes the tragedy in Haiti, and then uses it to further a rightwing political agenda.

A truly hateful person. See if you agree. Here is the email message in its entirety.

To All,

I just returned from Haiti with Hebler. We flew in at 3 AM Sunday to the scene of such incredible destruction on one side, and enormous ineptitude and criminal neglect on the other.

Port-O-Prince [sic] is in ruins. The rest of the country is fairly intact. Our team was a rescue team, and we carried special equipment that locates people buried under the rubble. There are easily 200,000 dead, the city smells like a charnal house. The bloody UN was there for 5 years...doing apparently nothing but wasting US Taxpayers money.

The ones I ran into, were either incompetent, or outright anti American. Most are French or French speakers...worthless...every damn one of them. While 1800 rescuers were ready willing and able to leave the airport and go do our jobs, the UN and USAID (another organization full of little "OBamites" and communists that openly speak against America). These two organizations, exemplared their parochialism by:

USAID, when in control of all inbound flights, had food and water flights stacked up all the way to Miami, yet allowed Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper and a host of other left wing news puppies to land.

Pulled all the security off the rescue teams so that Bill Clinton and his wife could have the grand tour, whilst we sat...unable to get to people trapped in the rubble.

Stacked enough food and water for the relief over at the side of the airfield, then put a guard while we dehydrated and wouldn't release a drop of it to the resuers [sic].

No shower facilities to decontaminate after digging or moving corpses all day,
except for the FEMA teams who brought their own shower and decon equipment, as well as air conditioned tents.

No latrine facilities, less digging a hole. If you set up a shitter... everyone was trying to use it.

I watched a 25 year old "Obamite" with the USAID shrieking hysterically, berate a full bird colonel in the air force, because he countermanded her orders, whilst trying to unscrew the air pattern. "

You dont know what your president wants! The military isn't in charge here...we are!"

If any of you are thinking of giving money to the Haitian relief, or to the UN... don't waste your money. It will only go to further the goals of the French and the Liberal left.

If we are a fair and even society, why is it that only white couples are adopting Haitian orphans? Where the hell is that vocal minority that is always screaming about the injustice of American society?

Bad place, bad situation, but a perfect look at the new world order in action. New Orleans magnified a thousand times. Haiti doesnt need democracy, what Haiti Papa Doc. That's not just my opinion...that is what virtually every Haitian we talked with... said!

The French run the UN. Papa Doc ran the country.

Oh, and as a last slap in the face...the last four of us had to take US AIRWAYs home from Phoenix. They slapped me with a 590 dollar baggage charge for the four of us.

The girl at the counter was almost in tears...because she couldnt give us a
discount...or she would lose her job.

Pass that on to the flying public.

So I did. And next time I fly, I'll fly US Air. Slamming this guy with a $590 baggage charge is just the icing on the cake isn't it.

One question: what was in the bags?

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Anonymous said...

A true nutjob indeed.

I suspect the ultra-progressive version of this would have blamed haiti's situation on Bush.