Friday, February 12, 2010

Sparks Fly at Candidate’s Forum: Reynolds vs. Olivo II

One of the contested races on the Fort Bend County Democratic Primary ballot is for the Democratic nomination in Texas House District 27, a seat currently occupied by State Rep. Dora Olivo. Attorney Ron Reynolds is challenging Olivo for the second time to be the party’s nominee.

The two candidates sparred at the Fort Bend Democrats’ Candidate’s Forum this past Wednesday and I got it on video.

The first two clips you see below are relatively tame video on each candidate’s statements, reasons for running (or in both cases, re-running) for the nomination.

First, here’s Reynolds, who went first.

Then it was Dora Olivo’s turn.

Then Bob Haenel of the Fort Bend Herald Coaster had a question for both candidates: what will they do to make up for the expected budget shortfall on the horizon?

Bev Carter then focused on an issue that has been dogging Ron Reynolds in both primary elections. She asked him to explain his past troubles with the Texas Bar Association which suspended Reynolds from practicing law for a year, and then put him on probation.

Then the sparks flew when Olivo accused Reynolds of stealing a client’s award in a civil rights case that was settled.

I particularly like the part about how Olivo is really running for re-election because she doesn’t want Reynolds, a despicable character in her estimation, from doing harm in her district. Somehow I missed that in the intro. Did she say that before?

And finally, Carter questioned Olivo on her controversial (for Democrats) votes on the Gay Marriage Ban constitutional amendment in 2005, how she will vote in a piece of anti-choice legislation that will come before the body in the next session, and finally, what bills she can say are her own personal accomplishments.

This is where Olivo chastised an elderly woman in the audience who complained that she couldn’t hear and would she please use the microphone.

Fun stuff, huh?

Want the You Tube links to share with friends?

Ron Reynolds' opening spiel is here.
Here is Dora Olivo's
Then Bob Haenel's question is here.
Here is Bev Carter's question for Ron (with sparks at the end).
Here are Bev Carter's questions for Dora.


deliverus said...

I see you were doing some creative editing again half by keeping the applause clipped out of Doras segments.

Hal said...

Sorry deliverus, the edit at the end of Dora's segment where she got in another rebuttal to something new that Ron brought up, her stance on abortion and stem cell research, was all about Bev Carter trying to move things on with her next question. If you care to look at the next segment you will hear the end of the applause while Bev was trying to ask her next question.

I debated cutting out Dora's entire rebuttal because it would have been a better finish, videographically, but opted against it because Ron brought up new business in his remarks.

I am fair-minded to my detriment. Especially when I am editing video.

I strongly object to your insinuation to the contrary, devious. Oh, excuse me, deliverus.

Fenway Fran said...

Nice job! BTW, you left plenty of Dora applause in there. Too much for my taste, I thought you were generous in your editing. Sorry I don't get to vote any more, but, like Chancey Gardner, I like to watch.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is good reason, though, to oppose embryonic stem cell research -- it has failed to produce a single breakthrough, while adult stem cell research has produced many.

Hal said...

That is funny Anon. Amazingly funny. You allow facts in your life to indicate that embryonic stem cell research is a dead end. An amazing number of doctors and health professionals would differ from you and your ignorant beliefs.

Anon, the next time you approach a stop sign, ignore it. It is lying to you. Proceed on through. Anon, the next time that someone tells you that it is wrong to take a store cashier's money from them, ignore it. That is just someone telling you something that works against your best interest.

Anon. Get real. We are the American Society. We like those who like Americans. We don't like those of you, Calvin among you, who aren't with us.