Saturday, April 03, 2010

Brace Yourself Teabaggers: He’s Black

Now up until now the ethnicity of President Barack Obama has been somewhat ambiguous.

Some said that Barack Obama is bi-racial, with a nod to the fact that he is the son of a white Kansan native, Ann Dunham, and the son of a Kenyan immigrant, Barack Obama, Sr. who divorced his wife and returned to Kenya when Obama was just a toddler.

Others have said that he is half-white, with a nod toward the fact that while his features most definitively point to an African heritage, he is more culturally aligned with white people, having been raised, for the most part, by his white grandparents.

And then there are the Teabaggers who really are in a constant state of denial. A state of denial that allows them to call into question the legitimacy of his citizenship. How could, they ask themselves, a black man be in the highest office in the nation, and arguably the most powerful person in the world?

It boggles their challenged minds.

Well another benefit of the 2010 census is that the argument is finally settled.

The five permanent residents of the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20006 are now listed as “Black, African Am., or Negro.” That notwithstanding that no known ancestors of Barack Obama ever toiled in the cotton or tobacco fields of the antebellum South.

So get over it, Teabaggers. He’s black.

He’s also the most glib, clever, erudite, eloquent, intelligent President we have had in a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Right, well of course. Obama "knows" how to categorize his ethnic identity---but that does not mean he has to obsess over it daily and moment by moment discussing it, and for anyone to think that he should is none sense.

Obama plays it smart by not letting either side White or Black bait him to detour his discussions on topics and issues and plans for our country in doing his job as elected to do by focusing upon race or governing by race.

Hal said...

. . . leaving it, of course, up to us to rub their faces in it. He plays it smart, but that doesn't mean that I have to.

Teabaggers: Your President is a black dude.