Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revelation: Teabaggers Are Not All Fat Old Ugly Angry White Men

It’s true, you know, some Teabaggers are African-Americans.

Keith Olbermann, who commonly rails against the Tea Party movement, calling it a racism inciting crowd of old angry white men, was shown the other day, that the recent DC Tax Day rally of over 25,000 Teabaggers did indeed have some black participants.

Six of them.

Olbermann did the math, as I do sometimes, and came up with a new figure: what proportion of tea partiers are actually black.

Six out of 25,000 figures up to a grand total of 0.024%. That’s 24 one-thousandths of a percent.

By that calculus, and going by a number shown at the Tea Party Patriots official website, where they show 185,025 people “like” the Tea Party Patriots, that’s a grand total of 44 African-American Teabaggers living in America (rounding up).


Well, forty-four isn’t zero.

But wait, I found another African-American Teabagger living in North Carolina. I found him here, and his name is Bill Randall.
“Bill Randall, an African-American retired Naval commander who is part of a quartet of Republicans vying for their party’s nomination and the opportunity to challenge liberal Democrat Brad Miller in the North Carolina’s 13 th Congressional District in November, told an audience at NC A&T University on April 17: “I’m all for the Tenth Amendment — states’ rights.”
Bill Randall is a real piece of work. I was especially drawn to this discussion, a discussion of socialism that Randall had in a phone interview made while he was driving to another rally. In it he was describing his fellow Americans, traitors all, who were working from within to bring socialism to American shores (as if it hasn’t been here for 75 years or so).
“‘It’s an assault,’ Randall continued. ‘We are under assault right now. We are under siege from within. It’s not an accident. I’m going to call it as it is. They are being open about it, so I’m going to come out and call it as it is. It is not an accident. I believe they would like to see a state of anarchy. Once you get to a state of anarchy, the people who want peace will say, “Peace at any cost.” The ultimate end? ‘They want absolute power in the hands of a few so that they can take control of things,’ Randall said. ‘I don’t think they would mind seeing things like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, so that all the private companies are controlled by the government, and all the press.’”
Funny he should mention Hugo Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela.

As it turns out, according to this guy who apparently has some insider information on who are the big players in the Venezuela petroleum industry, one of the big bankrollers of the Teabagger movement is none other than the oil billionaire Koch family, with oil tycoon David Koch admitting to anyone within earshot that not only does he finance the Teabagger movement, he is one of its key founders.

From the Washington Independent, speaking at last year’s “Defending the American Dream Summit”:
“Days like to today bring to reality the vision of our board of directors, when we founded this organization five years ago. We envisioned a mass movement, a state-based one, but national in scope, of hundreds of thousands of American citizens from all walks of life standing up and fighting for the economic freedoms that made our nation the most prosperous society in history.”
And from where does Koch get some of the money that he gives to the Teabagger movement?

Hugo Chavez.

Politics and petrodollars make strange bedfellows sometimes.

“Fertinitro CEC, a joint venture controlled by Venezuela’s state chemicals company and Koch Industries, each of which hold 34.99% of the shares.”

“Natural gas in Venezuela is heavily subsidized. The government pays oil companies (such as Harvest Natural Resources’ joint venture, Petrodelta, $1.54 per thousand cubic feet while selling it to chemicals makers and power plants in Jose (where the plant is located) for Bs.F 0.03740 per cubic meter. By my math (0.0374 bsf/m3 =37.4 bsf/1000 m3 = 37.4 bsf/28,316.8 cubic feet = 1.321 bsf/thousand cubic feet) that works out to 1.321 bolivars (30.7 U.S. cents) per thousand cubic feet. So just on the natural gas, never mind the electricity or water subsidies, Koch profits from a direct Venezuelan government subsidy of $1.23 for every thousand cubic feet of gas consumed at Fertinitro.”

So next time you see a Teabagger holding one of his hand-lettered signs rife with spelling errors, ask him (or her) what s/he is doing attending a rally bought and paid for by surrogates of that hated Venezuelan socialist president, Hugo Chavez.

I’ll bet Bill Randall, one of 44 black Teabaggers in America would just ache to know that little tidbit of information.


Chip said...

What is the Teabagger movement?

Hal said...

Polifrog, I don't know if your question is genuine or disingenuous. Both kinds exist in cyberspace. I will assume genuine.

Teabaggers, and the Teabagger movement are a class of politically motivated people whose ideas emerged from Libertarians and their ideas. Republicans usurped the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already Party) movement once they perceived the populist draw. People were disgusted with Bush and then Obama Administration spending to ease the effect of a credit crisis that would have sent our country into a massive depression. Unpopular measures were passed and our economy faltered but did not fail.

A victory.

But the stink remained, and Wall Street added to it by maintaining its careless investments while rewarding execs for doing the things that brought on the crisis.

These leeches on our society maintain their hold by their lobbies. We have a big job ahead of us but I fear that the Teabaggers are being swayed by the very people who created the crisis.

A devil's dilemma.

Hope this helps. On the other hand, if this is another disingenuous request from a right wing apologist for Wall Street . . . What Jon Stewart said - specifically to Fox News. (because I am more polite)