Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fort Bend Teabaggers Are Ethically Challenged

You do have to wonder about the ethical compass of those who purport to be champions of States’ Rights, National Security, and Personal and Governmental Responsibility, among other things.

The ethical compass of people, who organized as the “Fort Bend County Tea Party Society,” not only advertise their group’s participation in this Thursday’s Tax Day protest at Houston’s Discovery Green, but are also holding a fundraiser tomorrow, April 11th at a local restaurant that specializes in Texas-style barbecue.

A restaurant, I might add, that will not see my shadow fall on it ever again.

Because this group, the Fort Bend County Tea Party Society, a political organization that promotes political causes such as opposition to enactment of healthcare reform and the cap and trade bill, is taking money from people.

Taking money in an advertised fundraiser. Taking money by selling $20 bus tickets to the Thursday event in Houston.

Taking money for political causes, but not reporting a single red cent to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is a list of political action committees, sorted by start date (the most recent, at this writing, being April 8th 2010), that are registered at the Texas Ethics Commission. Look for "Fort Bend County Tea Party Society."

You will not find them listed.

Yet this group is taking money and advancing political causes within the State of Texas.

This group flouts the law by taking money for political purposes and not reporting how it is used or who it is from.

This group renders the term “Personal Responsibility” to be completely laughable.


Marsha said...


I agree but where is this BBQ place that will no longer get your hard earned teacher's salary? I hope it isn't your Friday Mexican hangout.

Hal said...

Nope. Marsha, just don't let the swinging door hit you when you leave their Teabagger shop.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is the question of what business it is of government how much groups that are not running candidates or sponsoring ballot initiatives are spending to organize rallies or engage in free speech. Seems to me that the First Amendment would be all the license that they need -- at least in a free society.

Anonymous said...

Well hal we agree on something. They are nothing more that a steering committee for the old guard gop, nothing reform or new about them and yes they are kinda stupid too by violating state law now.

Hal said...

Oh, please, Anon, 1st Amendment? Are you kidding? How naive is that?

They are taking money, Anon. They are promoting a political aganda. That makes them a General Purpose Political Action Committee or GPAC.

The TEC has specific guidelines on who and what a GPAC is:

"A political committee that meets any one of the descriptions set out below is a general-purpose political committee."

"Supporting or opposing unidentified candidates. A political committee that supports or opposes two or more candidates who are unidentified or who are seeking offices that are unknown is a general-purpose political committee."

"Assisting unidentified officeholders. A political committee that assists two or more officeholders who are unidentified is a general-purpose political committee."

"Supporting or opposing unidentified measures. A political committee that supports or opposes one or more unidentified measures is a general-purpose political committee. An unidentified measure is a proposal that is not yet legally required to be submitted to the voters in an election."


Anonymous said...

Funny seeing the Natzi's complain about first amendment when it's usually the dems that use that. I bet C. Rove would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the First Amendment trumped the Texas Election Code.

Anonymous said...

Hal, I get your opposition to the group. I get and perhaps agree that they are not following the law regarding political action committees. What I don't get is your position regarding the venue. If the establishment had refused to allow your Democrat club the use of the facilities because they didn't agree with the club's politics you would be screaming discrimination. I don't believe it is fair to assume a venue's ownership follows a political philosophy just because a meeting or other event is held there.I happen to know that the individual who owns this establishment is not a tea party member or affiliated with any political party. So go eat some BBQ.

Hal said...

I don't support the Teabaggers or their hateful racist-laced movement. I don't support busineses that do.

Anonymous said...

I regularly take my Dad and some of his cronie WW II vets to dinner on Sundays. I was at the swingdoor when such gather of tea lovers occurred. Further was I suprissed how quiet they conducted themselves...except to smooze some of the regular patrons for contributions. As I was leaving I noticed how many sippers appeared to be not of the age to have fought for this Country. Me, a lowly grunt in Vietnam, not much claim against my companions, of the Great Generation. These guys, like so many new Vets are getting a raw deal in claiming benefits for combat injuries that the NEW generation refuses to accept responsibility for and won't pay the price these young men and women will pay for the rest of their lives. God loves only the Bush wars...but not the warriors.
Move to Arizona would be my advice to the Tea lovers. A free market means Money rules.