Friday, September 30, 2011

Federal Judges to Redraw Texas Congressional District Maps

OK, now this is getting a little weird. Shades of the 60’s. I just finished reading this article at The Chron that the 3 judge panel that is currently hearing the case filed in San Antonio challenging the GOP-friendly congressional district map will be drawing up an “interim map” of Texas congressional districts so that Texas primaries may go ahead unimpeded by timing issues as another court case proceeds in Washington, DC.

From The Chron:
Federal law forbids local elections officials from preparing to implement the new state maps until a federal district court in Washington, D.C., decides whether the redistricting plans passed by the Texas Legislature earlier this year comply with the minimum requirements of the Voting Rights Act, a process known as "preclearance.

As I said, shades of the 60’s (and 50’s) when the feds came down hard on Southern states for segregationist laws and policies, imposing a national standard on a backward looking South.

I feel a little like I am living in Selma, Alabama in 1964.

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