Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Texas SBOE Board Member Farney Wants to Buy Another Job

What with the recent announcement that HD 20 State Rep Charles Schwertner will look to move up to the State Senate next year, in his desire to replace State Senator Steve Ogden of SD 5 – Yes, that Steve Ogden, architect of the recent budget bill meant to kill public education in Texas – Marsha Farney, newly elected to the District 10 state school board trustee position, has announced that she will make a try for Schwertner’s vacant spot.

And so it goes here in Deep Red Texas.

It will be recalled that Marsha Farney used her own personal funds, or maybe her husband’s, to the tune of 500 large to first defeat her primary opponents, one of whom was endorsed by Cynthia Dunbar, who was leaving the post after having had her way with the state’s science curriculum. She went on to oppose Dr. Judy Jennings in the 2010 general election, winning that handily because Democrats were in a coma that year.

And now, having tired of that post, an unpaid position that she paid half a million dollars to occupy, Marsha Farney is moving on to greener pastures. And I suppose she will self-fund for that race as well, at least that’s what they wrote in this short piece at the Austin American-Statesman:
“‘Certainly,’ Farney said when asked if she would spend her own money again to run for the House. ‘I’m 100 percent committed to doing this.’”
I’ll bet. Marsha Farney has obviously identified a winning strategy: buy your way into office. It worked before. But wait, this office actually pays a salary. $6500 a year. And then there’s that lucrative per diem when the House is in session. What a deal.

And what does Marsha Farney bring to the House as a skill set?

What indeed.

Big hair?

So now we may have to elect a state school board member to replace her if she should win the seat. A state school board position up for grabs in a special election. Yippee.

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