Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun With Rick Perry

Well I knew that as soon as the rest of the country  had a look at the Texas governor it was only a matter of time before they looked beyond the hair and the craggy but suave face and see him for what he really is: a walking, talking disaster area.

Jon Stewart had some fun with him the other night, and a whole bunch of others. In this clip courtesy of the Daily Show we see Rick Perry implode when he tried to expose Mitt Romney’s varying opinion on some issues.

But last night David Letterman weighed in on the chances that Rick Perry is done and his campaign is toast:

Ouch. So today we are hearing that Republicans are fleeing from the entire pack and pounding on the door of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. A man so overweight that he is a poster child for Weight Watchers and Diabetics Anonymous. A man so uncivil that he could vie for first place for the man most likely to be hated for just being him.

A truly interesting year if you are a Republican that cannot bring yourself to vote for the obvious choice to lead America after 2012: Barack Hussein Obama.

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