Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dead Eye Dick (Cheney) Makes the Cover of Mad Magazine

I haven't bought a copy of Mad Magazine in more years than some of you are in age out there, but I am sorely tempted to go down and pick up a copy (at $3.99 per copy - man it has been a long time!). The cover is below. "20 Dumbest, People, Events & Things of 2006.

"The Preview PDF file at their website has 4 additional dumb people, things and events.

Boy do I remember this. Dead Eye Dick Cheney shot a friend in the face while quail hunting on a friend's ranch in South Texas. It was last February before this blog started, but it is one of the reasons why it did start. The commentary was murderous. Especially about the 14 hour lapse between the accident and a comment from the White House.

Murderous commentary.

Appropriate for a man who is personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people in Iraq.

And then came the Dick Cheney jokes:

This one from Daniel Kurtzman

I remember Jon Stewart's infamous comment: "...the first person shot by a sitting veep since Alexander Hamilton."

Jeff Nussbaum, a Washington consultant who sometimes doubles as a comedy writer, wrote this gem:
"It was faulty intelligence: the CIA assured him that Harry Whittington was actually a pheasant.''
And Wonkette was all over this one.

And then there were the cartoons. Click on the one below for more.
So congratulations, Dick. You made it to the cover of Time . . . er . . . Mad Magazine. Well then who the H-E-double hockey sticks IS on the cover of Time magazine as Person of the Year? Oh yeah, that's right. I am.

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