Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cheer Up Susan

Oh well, my plan didn't work.

I figured that if even a quarter of Susan Bankston's (formerly known as Juanita Jean Herownself) faithful readers clicked on the link to my blog in hers, read my blog, and then go vote for her on Capitol Annex, it would put her over the top. But like Democratic voters in HD 29, Susan's readers stayed home.

That's OK, the blogs that won are good blogs and I read them daily, too, except I usually click back when I see Kuffner blogging about baseball. Given a choice between watching a baseball game and watching my lawn grow, I'll take the lawn every time.

Anyway to cheer up Susan, and to give anyone else a laugh, I thought I would put up this new You Tube video by standup comedian Rob Paravonian. It is a delightfully constructed rant on Pachelbel's Canon in D.

A rant on Pachelbel's Canon in D? Click on it to understand.


Susan said...

Susan is not sad.

After all, I was competing against two members of my own family and the Hal Guy, who was, up until the snide baseball comment, my favorite blogger. So now my favorite blogger is Kuff again, but not because of the poll - because of the baseball comment.

There was no way I could have alerted my couple of readers to the poll. They would have thought I was taking myself seriously and they would have called the police. And a mental health professional. And Momma.

Oh Lord, don't call Momma.

Hal said...

Oops, note to self. Susan is a baseball fan. No baseball-is-more-boring-than-watching-sap-rise jokes.

Hal said...

Regretably I had to reject a comment left by John Coby. I try to keep profanity off my site.

The gist of John's comment was that he thought baseball was boring, too.

Sorry John.

Bryan said...

Nothing to do with blogs or baseball, but fans of late 80's Manchester music will know that "All Together Now" by The Farm also uses the Canon in D chord structure.