Sunday, December 10, 2006

Republican Blood Sport on FortBendNow

John Cobarruvias and I have been passing popcorn back and forth watching a comment war take place over on FortBendNow, a leading internet newspaper in Southeast Texas. You really do need to check it and the commentary in another FBN Op/Ed piece on the Gillen fundraiser heist.

From what I can get, there are two warring factions in the Republican Party: neocons and moderates, and they are in a power struggle.

The neocons are delusional. America has “HAD ENOUGH” of their politics of hate and fear. The moderates, with GOP Chairman Gary Gillen, have seized control of their major fundraiser, and the neocons are crying “Thief !”

The exchange gets down and dirty. Of all things, the allegiance of Bev Carter, columnist and publisher of the Fort Bend Star, got all wrapped up in the discussion. Quite off topic but for some reason the neocons want her head on a platter, too. So I will post pieces of this off topic part of the discussion. But to get the true flavor of the vituperation going on in the other party, you should read through the threads.

Susan: “Prior to his resignation, most of the precinct chairs were yellow dog DeLay supporters. You might recall reading about the censure of Bev Carter who dared to print derogatory things about DeLay in her newspaper opinion piece. Those who are now seeking Gillen’s head on a platter were leading the charge against Carter.”
WOW: “Did Bev Carter endorse mostly Democrats in the fall election? It seems to me the executive committee was pretty smart to detect that she was not a Republican and to call her on it!”

Susan: “I was at the meeting when Bev Carter was censured by the Executive Committee for not supporting DeLay. What I read in her newspaper re the fall election was a prediction that Lampson would win, not an endorsement of him. In hindsight, she seems smarter than many in the county, doesn’t she?”

“Your blind allegiance will make you popular with the crowd that is seeking to wrest control from Gillen.”

WOW: “You need to re read her column. She endorsed Lampson and several democrats. Nothing wrong with voting for different parties or being an independent. BUT, if you are going to be a Republican precinct chair you shouldsupport republicans, otherwise just be an independent.”

Umpire: “This article has nothing to do with Bev Carter. Please stay on topic.”

Anon: “I think Bev sees herself as a moderate republican, but an American first, and the need for checks and balances as important in any system (FBC has none currently and one clique is having a field day with it). Whether or not she is a precinct chair, republican or independent she has a right to vote for whomever she likes (and that includes endorses).”

Susan: “Ump is right. Bev is not the topic. However, she did not run for re-election and was not serving as precinct chair in the fall when she wrote the column WOW excerpted.”

WOW: “I never said Bev did not have the right to support whomever she wants to support. I said, if you are going to carry the party label then you should support republicans. If you feel you can’t do that, then resign.” “Sorry umpire if you take offense to this being off topic!"

Then Bev herself logs in a comment on the second piece.

Comment 8 is mine.

Bev comes on the scene at Comment 16.
Bev: “i believe Billye Bridges was referring to Goldwater Republicans when she commented about the “real” Republican party. You know, those people that thought government was supposed to keep our taxes low and our noses out of the bedroom and Bible.”
Intheknow: “Bev — As ususal, you don’t make much sense. Just who are you talking about as the “small cabal of insiders?” “Has Gary called you yet to become a part of his “Red Ribbon”, secret group of real “insiders” who will provide “oversight” to the PAC? Or is this just sour grapes because a Majority of the Executive committee members nixed Gary’s efforts earlier this year to give your company the printing business for the party newsletter?
“Please take your “holier than thou” attitude back to the sad little pages of the Star.”

John Cobarruvias: “Oh this is like the Titanic movie! It is so
good you dont want it to stop.”

Bev: “An invitation to bid was sent out and my son's printing company had the low bid. However, the fiscally responsible Republicans preferred to pay the higher bidder to punish me for criticizing Tom DeLay. They’ve now turned my rabaidly [rabidly, I think] Republican son into an independent. I’m glad about that. They done somethng that I’ve tried for ten years to do.”

Your last little quote of “sad little pages of the Star” are so petty personal that it detracts from your whole post. If you would stay on topic and keep from annoying personal attacks, you would be a more effective communicator.”

WOW: “So Bev Carter has been trying to turn her son into an independent for 10 years? And when did she serve as a precinct chair? I believe in this instance 1 + 1 = 2!

Bev was NOT a republican when she served as a Republican precinct chair!”
And that was about it for now. Some pretty massive wounds are being opened as Republicans claw each other into bloody masses. Unfortunately when this happens, invariably people with a sense of decency and fair play get pulled into the fray.

That part is not fun, but having your suspicions, that these people are just mean, mean, mean, confirmed in the internet press really is fun. That and watching Republicans try to define just who is and who is not a Republican.

Pass the popcorn, John.

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