Friday, December 01, 2006

Hayetna f Iskenderiyya

My daughter took it in mind to move to Egypt last May – yes, at about that time the Hezbollah were lobbing Katyusha rockets into Israel. No one wanted her to go but she was adamant.

I have a strong-willed daughter, can you imagine?

She teaches English to Egyptians. She tells me that anyone who wants to get a better job in Egypt has to learn to speak English. At first she was in Cairo, but then later changed plans and moved to Alexandria. She lives in an apartment with friends she met in America and in Egypt.

Why am I telling you this? This is a political blog, right? Well, it’s getting to be around the holidays and Daddy misses daughter. So I am going to share with all of you my amazing daughter, her life in Alexandria, and her friends.

As it turns out they made a video and posted it on You Tube for all of us to see how they live. It was just enabled to be embedded in a blog, so here you go.

Oh, what does "Hayetna f Iskenderiyya" mean? I have it on good authority that it means "Our Life in Alexandria" but don't quote me on this.


Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

She's a brave girl doing good work. You should be very proud.

Susan said...

Fess up, Hal, you wish you'd have done this at her age. I know I do.

Thanks for letting her go. You're a great Dad, and you've given her the best gift ever - her own life!