Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flatulence and HB 129

I was getting all set to post a piece on Vickie Truitt’s heinous HB 129 that she filed last month. It resulted in a blogstorm that flooded the Texas blogosphere. I was waiting for it to subside, and looking for a new angle.

And what does she do? She pulls the bill.

And everybody blogged on that (handshakes and back pats all around).

The real reason she submitted the bill? A constituent had concerns that someone would post something that would result in identity theft. Said she:
"We're just trying to keep people from getting mad at somebody and putting their Social Security number and credit card numbers out there."
OK, I’ll buy that - in Gullible Land.

I really was looking forward to the ACLU’s lawsuit.

So what am I left with? Fort Bend County Commissioners Court wrangling over how to decide who will build the county jail annex?


Fort Bend Republican Chair Gary Gillen pissing everyone off again?

What’s new about that?

Then I happened across this article on The Austin American Statesman’s website:

“Flatulence Forces Plane to Land”

Now there’s a piece with gas.

It seems a woman with an undisclosed medical condition decided to light a match aboard an in flight American Airlines jet bound for Dallas in order to cover up the smell of the “body odor” that she had just unleashed.

People were complaining about the smell of sulfur in the cabin and they immediately diverted the plane to Nashville, where they deplaned and the plane was thoroughly searched. Then the FBI questioned the woman who admitted to lighting the matches. And why.

In case you haven’t noticed it, we are living in a new era. 9/11 has such far reaching aftershocks. People can’t even disguise their farts with matches any more.

After awhile, they all got back on the plane and took off for Dallas. All except for the fart lady. They wouldn’t let her back on.

I wonder why.

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