Sunday, March 18, 2007

DeLay on Meet the Press – The Smirk Returns

I had hoped that with the inevitable first day of sales of former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay’s book that he would not be given talk show air time so I wouldn't have to put up with the little cockroach again. After all, we have all moved on even if he has not. But no, because his book has gone on sale he got invited to be on Meet the Press today and sat in with a panel to discuss the war in Iraq.

I watched the podcast that you can find here.

Ol’ Tom had himself a great time. They were discussing a truly tragic situation – the carnage in Baghdad, women and children killed, and he just couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. And that smirk.

The smirk hasn’t gone away either.

It appeared midway through this sentence, the words of former Congressman Tom Andrews:

“What's happened is, as a result, hundreds of our kids have died only because they didn't have the necessary protective equipment [SMIRK] that would otherwise have kept them alive.”

I couldn’t figure out then why he smirked at that remark, but now, having reviewed the podcast in a few places, I conclude that DeLay, as well as his conservative co-panelist Richard Perle, used smiles, laughter and smirks to belittle the earnest observations of Tom Andrews and Congressman Joe Sestack.

DeLay’s book was plugged toward the end by Tim Russert. In what I suspect was going to be a tongue-in-cheek remark, Russert said this of Tom’s words:

“To, to, to be continued. No Retreat, No Surrender is your book, Congressman DeLay. Some interesting things about Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, George Bush in this book that...”

To which Tom interrupted at a well-chosen moment: “It's history as I lived it.”

History as he lived it? If that is true, then Tom DeLay's life has been a fantasy.


BZZZT said...

You nailed it. The cockroach killer from Texas is himself a smirking cockroach. Cockroaches have no conscience, no soul, no purpose except to be disgusting cockroaches.

When his history is actually written by honest historians, he will go down as one of the most corrupt, self-serving, mendacious, hubristic, arrogant abusers of power and the Constitution this country has ever seen or elected.

If there is any justice in the universe, May Tom DeCrook Delay soon experience the typical, well-deserved demise of a cornered cockroach.

And oh yeah, may Tim the coward with no spine Russert join him.

Anonymous said...

How dare he laugh and smile while thousands of families of ours are living with severe heartache...not to mention the Iraqi families. If it's so funny to him, he can teach my cousin how to walk again after having both his legs blown off by an IED. What a bloody, stinking, sphincter that man is. No I take that back. He is not human to me. Homo sapiens means intelligence. There is no way.