Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spoke Too Soon: It's Melissa Noriega and 12 Others in the Houston City Council Special Election

As the story goes, there are now a lucky 13 candidates running for the Houston City council seat vacated by Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. And that is all there are going to be, because yesterday was the deadline for filing.

So I need to finish the story, right? After all, yesterday there were 8 candidates, now there are 13.

The Roy Morales story needs to be updated. According to the Chronicle article, right at the bottom, Roy Morales failed to file the correct papers and was not going to be included on the ballot. Now THAT would change the dynamics of this election, wouldn’t it? I just don’t see how anyone who would show up to vote for Morales would show up to vote for any other candidate on the ballot.

Except for, maybe, the only other Hispanic surname on the ballot, Noriega. I guess some people still vote like that.

Anyway, late word is that the problem has been cleared up, according to Kuffner, and he’ll be on the ballot after all.

Of the ones I was not aware of, only one has a website. Sara Owen-Gemoets. Finding it via Google is like looking for rat feces in a pepper mill, so that explains why she was under my radar yesterday. Maybe someone other than I and some other guy who provided the link will be able to see it. Sara Owen-Gemoets is an ex-minister who is running on a platform that ordinary people who are not politicians can play leading roles in decision- making.

Anthony Dutrow is not new to Houston city politics. Dutrow, a meat packer, ran against Bill White for Mayor in 2005. He has three campaign expenditure reports here. Dutrow has an interesting way of reporting the names and addresses of contributors: (“Contributor 1, Contributor 2, etc.”) and vendors (“Vendor 1, Vendor 2”). All in all, Dutrow spent $1517.29 on his run at the mayor’s office, and had a total of $1425 in campaign contributions. While the city council seat is non-partisan, it is interesting to note that Dutrow is a Socialist. He occasionally writes for an online newspaper called “The Militant”.

Alfred Molison is another guy with some varied interests. The Chronicle reports that he is “co-chair of the Harris County Green Party and an employee of the Social Security Administration”. He has a “Meet-Up” about what is going to happen after world peak oil production occurs, and the inevitable production decline produces new pressures on society.

The guy plans ahead.

He is also involved in a “Fight Big Media” Meet-Up, whatever that is.

But he has no campaign website that I could find.

Greg Locke is a mystery for now. He also has no campaign website that I could find.

Darryn Call has a unique enough name that you should be able to pick up something. But all I could find was that he was paid $145 by the Katy ISD last January.

The Chronicle is predicting a run-off in this special election because of the broad field, but that Melissa Noriega is the recognized leader of the pack, and that implied that the run-off would be between Melissa and someone else.

My bet is still on Morales. And I think there is enough overlap in interests among some of the also rans that Melissa will get more votes in any runoff.

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